Sr.Mary Gemma

Holy Family Regional Superior

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Sr. Christina John
Sr. Rose Benedict

  1. Holy Family Regional House, Pathirappally
  2. St.Ann’s Convent, Alleppey
  3. Sacred Heart Covent, Vellappally, Alleppey
  4. Holy Family Convent, Kattoor, Alleppey
  5. Holy Family Home, Kattoor, Alleppey
  6. Presentation Aram, Kalavoor, Alleppey
  7. Snehabhavan, Kalavoor, Alleppey
  8. St. George Convent, Mararikulam, Alleppey
  9. Christu Nivas, Maithatra, Shertala
  10. St. Sebastian Convent, Arthunkal, Shertala
  11. Lissuex Nivas, Arthunkal, Shertala
  12. St. Margret Mary Bhavan, Arthunkal, Shertala
  13. Infant Jesus Convent, Ottamaserry, Shertala.
  14. St. John De Brittos Convent, Fort Kochi
  15. Christ The King Convent, Muppathadam, Ernakulam
  16. Our Lady of Presentation Convent, Pallipuram
  17. Mary Matha Convent, Sreestha, Kannoor
  18. Paraylemonial Convent, Marayur, Idukki


Holy Family visitation Public School. Kattoor

St. John’s visitation Public School Muppathadom

St. Sebastian’s Visitation Hospital. Arthunkal

St. Sebastian’s Nursing School. Arthunkal

Packing Centre. Mararikulam

Umbrella making Centre. Mararikulam

Presentation College. Kattoor

Mary Matha Computer Centre. Kattoor

Umbrella making Centre

Umbrella making Centre. Mararikulam

Nursery School. Vellappally

Nursery School. Arthunkal

Nursery School. Ottamassery

Nursery School. Pallipuram

Nursery School. Sreestha. Kannur

Free Boarding Kattoor

Aram- Senior Citizen House Kalavoor

Old age Home. Vely Fort Kochi

Snehabhavan Kalavoor

Presentation Aaram

Presentation Aaram is an Institution for the elderly and aged persons organized and run by the Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey (S.V.C). It is located at Kalavoor, a beautiful village in the district of Alleppey. Kalavoor is only 9km away from Alleppey town to the North and just close to NH 47.

Sr. Rose Celestin is in charge of Aaram who has been rendering her service from 2016. We have 6 sisters, 10 staff members to provide assistance, and 24 inmates to our Credit.


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