Sensitive to the local needs of the church and of the humanity, we need to be open to the culture and civilization of the people & should incarnate evangelical virtues in the context of the life situations .

  • Healing Ministry
  • Looking after Old and infirm
  • Evangelization of the People
  • Social Work
  • Integral development of the poor, marginalized and mentally challenged
  • The services according to the need of the time.

Educational Apostolate is the heritage of our Founder Fr. Sebastian Lc Presentation . A Blind person who lacks light in his eyes doesn’t see anything. In the same way, without education, we remain ignorant of God and the heavenly things. A person who doesn’t have an eye is visually blind and a man without education is spiritually blind. Rev. Father dreamt about the possible transformation that education can bring about in individuals, families and society at large. He had an adventurous step to educate the low class it is indeed an educational attempt in the coastal area. Our schools are to distinguish themselves for quality education, academic performance, seriousness in Value formation& excellent services in order to uplift the local society according to the signs of the time. the civilization of the people & should incarnate evangelical virtues in the context of life situations.

Medical services is a crying need in our world. It is praise worthy that the svc ministry has an important role in the work of evangelization. The Dedicated service , care and comfort of the sisters working in the hospitals and dispensaries offer to the sick and their relatives at the hour of their greatest need and distress bear witness to the love, compassion and kindness of Christ who while on earth. Healed the sick and comforted and afflicted. The Ministry of healing has added to our life of prayers this most needed service of the health care of the people.


The homes for the aged is conducted by our sisters have the aim of helping the inmates with a delicate and active charity so that through the help and service we do , they may feel less the burden of their age and live with serenity their moments o sorrow and find comfort and hope in god . We also have to take care of the girls with love and affection . A special care has been given to the poor girls to achieve their goal of life .


As part of the social Apostolate sisters shall visit the houses of the people and find out their problems and help them to lead an exemplary family life by their advises and suggestions