SVC History

With the permission of Rt. Rev. Dr Jose Bento Marin Riberio Bishop of cochin and the blessing of Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander Choolaparambil, Bishop of Kottayam, Rev. Fr. Sebastian. L.C. Presentation started the Visitation Congregation at Kattoor of the diocese of cochin on 29th Jan 1924.

When the Diocese of cochin was bifurcated and Alleppey was formed as new Diocese on June 19, 1952., the houses of the congregation came under the Diocese of Alleppey. The spirit of the congregation is primarily to achieve God experienced of our heavenly patrons St. Francis de sales and St. Jain de Shantal.

According to them such a God experience of Jesus on the cross Jesus the humble, who walked the path of obedience all the way to the cross seeking the will of His Father and Jesus who embraced this will most generously in humility and meekness. And the imitation of Christ crucified demands a meekness. And the imitation of Christ crucified demands a life of sacrifice from the sisters are called to practice the deep humility before God and gentleness towards their neighbours. And the perfect example of this is found in the Virgin Mary who abandoned herself to God in her lowliness through a matchless act of generous response and love to become the mother of the Savior Virgin of the Visitation become a living witness of Divine love through her humble service rendered to her cousin n St. Elizabeth.

This spirit gives the sisters courage and n strength to fulfill the purpose of our congregation. This purpose is carried out though the following forms of apostolate names education and formation of children and youth especially among the poor girls, healing ministry, Evangelization of the people, looking after old and the infirm, social welfare and integral development of the poor and marginalized in order to, provide the apostolic service in church according to the needs of time.


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